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  • Standard Banner: 728x90 pixels. 

  • Availability: 3 positions per issue. 

Size and Availability

  • 1 issue: $1,000 

  • 6 issues: $750 per issue 

  • 12 issues: $500 per issue 

  • Format: Banners should be submitted in JPG or PNG format.  

  • Size: 728x90 pixels. 

  • URL: Please include a designated URL for each ad unit. 

  • Deadline: Materials are due by Tuesday before the scheduled send date.

Display Advertising Options

Specifications & Submission



Average Open Rate


Click Through Rate


Send Per Week on Mondays


Connect your brand with over 16,000 audio professionals every Monday through AES The Loop e-newsletter. AES The Loop is not just any newsletter; it's a direct line to a dedicated group of industry experts and enthusiasts. Highlight your products and services alongside the latest updates on upcoming AES conferences, section events, and essential industry news. Make AES The Loop a key part of your advertising strategy to effectively reach a targeted audience actively seeking information and solutions in the audio world.

AES The Loop Display Advertising

Choose The Loop as your channel to consistently stay in the forefront of the audio professional community, ensuring that your message is both seen and heard by those who matter most in the industry.

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